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Preview of Rehana and Shumon’s St Valentine’s Day wedding in Bromley, Kent

Rehana and Shumon married on St. Valentine’s Day at Bromley Civic Centre in Kent. Here’s a little preview of their wedding day…

You can also find these photos on my Facebook page.

My superhuman client does a TED talk

Dragons and dogs

New wedding shows

We Fell In Love

Excellent photography assistant

Bee B&Bs

Yaaaawn. Is it bedtime yet?

Glasgow Girls Wedding Fayre Photos

Official Electric Gardens photos

Here are a few of the photos I shot for West End Festival/Aura PR at Thursday night’s preview of Electric Gardens. You’ll also find them on my Facebook page and a few on Twitter.

Wedding fayre, Celtic Connections, BBC Alba and Electric Gardens…

Hello. I have lots to tell you and lots of photos to share. I’ll start with the news that this week has rather been taken over by The Glasgow Girls Wedding Guide wedding fayre aftermath (I am loving all the enquiries that are coming in!) and Celtic Connections.

I’m shooting three gigs at Cottiers this week for BBC Alba. They’re recording them for broadcast and I have to be pretty nimble on my feet to hide from the TV cameras all over the place. I have a horrible feeling I’m going to be spotted on telly.

The first show was last night and it was fab! Fantastic music with some incredible collaborations, lovely people and Adam Cohen (Leonard’s son) told me I was cool and had “the look” in my high boots and skinny jeans. I’m sure he was blinded by all the stage lights. Naturally, he’s my new favourite muso.

It’s also lovely to see my West End Festival #electricgardens photos being used for their PR. I’ll post some of those pics shortly before I go to meet one of Sunday’s couples to talk more about their wedding. Watch this space…